Water chiller for cooling of the spray gun and all other components. We use one system with different circuits to cool down all components of our spray system. The size of the water chiller and the number of cooling circuits depends on the used system.

Different refrigeration systems are used (depends on your requirements):

  • Compact systems with heat exchange to air
  • Split systems with heat exchange to air
  • Systems with heat exchange to customer water circuit (re use of the thermal energy)
  • Water interface – if you already have your own water chiller



Standard Water chiller (30kW),  one to three cooling circuits, compact or split version

Key characteristics

  • System designed to your requirements
  • Stable water temperature (for cooling the spray gun)
  • Each cooling circuit has its own sensors
  • Monitoring of temperatue & flow
  • Several circuits possible
  • Pumps & pipes in stainless steel
  • Each circuit has its own pump, specified for the use as plasma gun cooling / HVOF gun cooling / chamber cooling …
Big water chiller (100kW) for a special VPS system, compact version (outdoor)

Water interface
If you already have an own water chiller, we can provide a water interface to your water chiller.
One electrical Interface-box for the connection of the water chiller and the sensors of all cooling circuits.
Two connecting points (tubes) for each cooling circuit.

The water chiller must have a stable outlet temperature (for plasma)!
The plasma coating process requires an intensive cooling of the plasmatron. The chilling process therefore acts as a coating relevant parameter because all the heat transfer to the cooling water is taken out of the energy of the plasma jet. Conventional chiller systems keep the amount of cooling water constant, but accept fluctuations in the water temperature. Fluctuations of a few °C are equivalent to an energy takeout in the range of Kilowatts. Converted into fluctuations of the plasma voltage, this value corresponds to several Volts which nobody would accept in his coating specifications.

Water interface from external ciller (one cooling circuit sample)