Modern thermal spray operation is done using a central controller which is linked with all components of the equipment. Main task of this control unit is the coordination of the flame characteristics and powder properties to guarantee an optimal and reproducible coating quality.
The figure on the right shows the system concept developed by Medicoat AG. Core element of the control centre is a personal computer (PC) in combination with a programmable logic controller (PLC).

Key features

  • One solution for all systems: Independent of APS / VPS / HVOF / Combined systems
  • Siemens PLC for process control
  • PC for visualisation / receipes / trending
  • Profibus as fieldbus
  • Ethernet for process control
  • All components controlled by one system
  • Interfaces (discrete / profibus) to all external devices
  • Modular concept: As many as you need, nothing more. If your application needs more or less than a normal system, we can just add or remove a module (e.g. an additional transferred arc current source, or no dust filter because you use your own)
  • Size (h*w*d) 2200*800*600 incl.200mm socket
  • Weight 150Kg

Inside of control cabinet

Control panel with video