Most coating processes have interruptions, for example during an exchange of the substrate or a loading of a new robot program. Normally, every time you switch off the powder feeder, you will lose the powder into the powder hose. Additionally all the powder feeders need a certain time span until the powder flow is stable and constant again after switching on. To save time and the expensive powders, our line switch unit is used to maintain a constant powder flow, also when the coating process needs no powder. The Powder Switch diverts the powder flow to the application or into an additional container.
The Powder Switch is mounted between the powder hose, as close as possible to the powder injection ports. Manually controlled, or by programmed signals, the pneumatic driven switch unit opens the powder hose either to your application, or it guides the powder into the additional recycling container

Powder input, container output, pneumatic- and signal ports

Powder output to spray


  • Gas-tight, independent from the carrier gas pressure and -amount
  • Without back-up pressure generation, no reaction into your feed system during the switching process
  • Maintenance-free and easy to clean
  • Wear-resistant also with abrasive powders
  • Upgradeable and compatible to the commercial standard powder feeders
  • Al-case, size 160 x 100 x 60 mm
  • Swagelok ports, for powder hoses of the sizes 6/4, 5/3 or 4/2 mm
  • Pneumatic operated line switching