The control and regulation of the plasma gasses and powder carrier gasses is done by means of the thermal mass flow sensing technique. A specially calibrated mass flow controller is used for each plasma gas (Ar, He, N2, H2) and for each carrier gas line (Ar, N2). The flow range of the mass flow controller is dependent on the gas type and the function (plasma or carrier gas).
The different gasses selected for the plasma gas are passed through a special gas mixing system before entering in the plasma gun. The different components inside the gas controller are connected using Cu-tubing.

  • Standard up to 4 plasma gasses & 4 powder line gasses
  • More gasses in an additional cabinet
  • Safety ball valve in plasma line
  • In case of hydrogen gas line, an additional hydrogen sensor is included
  • Size (h*w*d) 2200*600*600 incl.200mm socket
  • Weight 150Kg