The NRJ 1000 we have our own DC plasma power source of the latest generation developed that optimally satisfies the properties of plasma spraying. Options included in the units from the Market, which are purchased with and not needed for the process are not even contain.
That goes without saying, that a system reduced to the minimum but optimized for the needed function, has a higher reliability.



  • The experience with current sources from the market but also from our service technicians was on the construction account, so that is a very friendly service and high quality product originated.
  • The ignition sequence doesn’t need a separate ignition loop with resistors inside of the current source, so that a safe and gentle ignition is possible even at 10 amps.
  • The modular design and communication by Profibus DP® or optionally other bus systems, but also the possibility to operate  a three- anode or cathode torch, make the plasma current source NRJ-1000 to the most modern and highest quality current source on the market.


Key characteristic

  • Continuous power 100KW (standard)
  • Modular concept: Each current source deliver up to 1000 amps, for 3000 amps you need 3 pcs.
  • Digital control based on the secondary pulsed MOS-FET MOS-FET Technology with 3*25kHz
  • High electrical efficieny > 90 %
  • Efficiency factor cos. Phi 0.96
  • Plasma current 10-1000 amps
  • Plasma voltage 0-150VDC
  • Communication by Profibus DP, or optionally systems
  • Weight 950Kg
  • Size (h*w*d) 2450*1000*600 incl.200mm socket
  • Ambient temperature -10°C – +35°C, non-condensing humidity.