DC-Plasma Current Source

Third generation of plasma power source. An intermediate direct current link is created, which later is chopped on a high frequency base, about 20000 times per second.
The result is a very stable DC-plasma current with very low ripple and high efficiency. The result is an optimal plasma current quality, which is also important for the critical time of ignition, to protect the life time of the nozzle.

The high electrical efficiency, the very low proportion of produced idle current, the modular design and modern communication by Profibus, makes the plasma power source MC-999 to the most modern and best on the market.


  • Modular construction, adapted for 80, 100, 120 or 140 kW continues load
  • Very fast regulation, based on secondary switched IGBT transistor technology
  • DC–current efficiency 90 %
  • Load factor cos. Phi 0.95
  • Circuit feedback according to EMV-standard EN 5016
  • Soft starting function for the DC-torch for optimal protection of the Plasmatron with ground and short circuit monitoring
  • Communication with Profibus DP
  • Noise level below 65 dB (A)